Thursday, August 13, 2009

Teaching Moments

The past few days have been busy ones. I put my house up for sale and have been doing lots of cleaning and several of my children decided they wanted to make quilts and something. I've also been working on my string quilt. I don't often give myself praise, but I think it's turned out beautiful. I'm working on the borders right now, well not right now, since I'm sitting here blogging about it - but I will be working on the borders in a little while.

This little dolly quilt was created by my 12 year old daughter. She picked through the scrap bags and put this cute little quilt together and almost ran over finger while working on her first attempt at stippling. She did a great job!

My 7 year old son, wanted to make something (he was very vague) about what the something should be. The something turned into this little pillow that he sleeps with every night. Little guy did a great job with his stippling too, he steered the fabric while I ran the pedal.

My 13 year old daughter picked out her fabrics at the fabric store and is thrilled with the colors. She had never used a sewing machine before and had a lot trouble with her quarter inch seams, her blocks turned out a little wonky. She was unhappy about it until I told her that lots of people make wonky squares on purpose. I named her quilt Wonky Squares...totally original huh?

I have one more quilt to show, but I can't because I don't have pictures that I can get to. When I find the cable to the camera I'll post them. Fifteen year old dear daughter didn't have the memory card in the camera when she took pictures of her quilt and I can't get to them without the camera cable. And she already gave the quilt away so I can't get a picture of it unless I corner the lady at church next week - I may do that!

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Candace said...

Looks like quilting in the kitchen is a good thing for your family, it is drawing the interest of some of your children. They are doing a great job, and as I am a new machine quilter, and not too good at it, I'm very very impressed with their work.