Monday, August 17, 2009

Look What I Found!

It's a shirt

I was in a thrift store the other day and I found this shirt, it's a seriously ugly shirt (at least I thought so and so did the kids), but I loved the fabric. As fabric it's cute, in a quilt it will be cute...just not as a shirt. For a whole .5o cents I got almost a yard of this lovely fabric. Cool least I think so!

Meanwhile, I stayed up much too late last night working on my string quilt. I have 7 more blocks to make. I'm so excited! It's been fun. At first I thought maybe I had too many strings and would have bunch left over. I didn't really want a bunch leftover and was a little bummed that I had miscalculated and cut too many, but nope, I'm now worried that I'm going to run out of a the 2 fabrics that I have consistently put in each block. This is it, 2 little strips left and seven blocks to go.

There isn't a whole lot left of any of the strips. I need 7 more blocks, does this look like 7 more blocks? It's going to be close!

A few blocks to be cut.

A sneak peek at what I have put together so far. I think it's beautiful!


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Shasta said...

You are right, it is beautiful. Love all the fabric combinations.

Quirky said...

I love finding ugly, old shirts to cut up give a new life! And then you get a stash of buttons for exciting new projects....