Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to school!

It was back to school day today. I've home schooled these 3 kids their whole lives and now they're in public school. I missed them terribly! The house was too quiet. I wondered and fretted about how they were getting along with the new environment. I worried that they wouldn't be happy and worried they'd be sad. I shouldn't have. They had a good day and can hardly wait to go back again tomorrow. The other 3 kids (who are teenagers) will continue their studies at home through an online academy - that's what they chose. They also missed their younger siblings and worried about the same things I did.

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Kim D. said...

Nice Family Photo... My sister home schooled her children until they were in 5th grade and then sent them to a christian school for awhile and then onto public school. It's good to get them out so they can learn socialization skills and interact with other kids. I'm sure they'll do just great. :)