Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lovely Ripples

I haven't worked on Big Blue, the granny rectangle or those itchy socks, but I have been working on my lovely ripple blanket. I'd be a bit further on if I hadn't had to frog it a couple of times, due to the colors. I finally had to ditch the light yellow (actual name was Carmel), it just wasn't working. And I started a completely new project - stripping my kitchen table. I've been sanding it down to the natural wood. It has been such a huge eye sore for such a long time. I have no pictures of the ugly table, just picture the Walton's table and you've just about got the image...benches and all.


OneofHisflock said...

Rippling is fab isn't it...your colours are lovely.
I've just finished the body of my ripple cushion but am a bit stuck about what stitch to use to sew up the cushion.
I can't wait to finish it but I'm having a crochet-block moment so it just sits there rolled up ready and waiting for the final stage. I need to get my act together and edge it then sew or crochet it up.
Anyway I just love looking at other bloggers ripples and the patterns they've used.
Enough waffling on...enjoy the rest of your ripples :-)

Amy said...

I love it!! :D

Juliejaz said...

Thank you both! I'm loving the colors and how they flow together. I'm always excited to see how the next color is going to look. The boy I'm making it for is thrilled with it, even though he doesn't know it is for him. He keeps asking if when it's done, "can I have this one mom?"