Thursday, July 30, 2009

I finished it!

Almost a year later I've finally finished my Flying Geese quilt. This quilt isn't made of really good material. I bought the material from Walmart long before I realized that not all fabric is made the same. I just thought I was getting a really good deal, it was 1$ a yard and I bought a lot of this stuff thinking I could use it in so many ways. After I realized that the fabric was seriously cheap I knew I would be using it for the back as well (an attempt at getting it used up). I still have about 1/2 yard of several of the colors. I figure I'll let my girls use it for their practice blocks that they are planning.

It's not quite long enough for a twin bed, it was supposed to have 18 geese in each row. I only ended up with 16, but didn't want to have more than one color in each row. I did manage to stick 2 purple colors together, but they aren't the exact same shade of purple. The picture makes the 2 colors look identical though. Since the quilt isn't big enough for a twin bed, it will be a quilt the kids can drag to the couch when it's cold and it's gets plenty cold here in Idaho. I feel achomplished! I finished it. I have nothing else started, so YAY! I get to start another project today.


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Candace said...

It's a beautiful quilt, and I'm sure will give lots of use. I have made several very simple tied quilts from Walmart fabric, and they have lasted years and years. I love quilts for just napping and TV watching etc., and you and your children have a wonderful one to enjoy.

Candace said...

P.S. Even the back is gorgeous.
Also, I'm so impressed by the photos of your first stippling.